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Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Using Adobe After Effects

This is a complete instructional programme for you to master Adobe After Effects software and to provide you with the skills to create, edit and composite digital video with desired effects, for the purposes of presentation, instructional and visual messaging content.


Course Objectives:

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Create composition in timeline
  • Use Anchor Point, Position, Scale, Rotation and Opacity
  • Animation text and objects
  • Create masks, layer masks
  • Import backgrounds from Photoshop and Illustrator objects and combine with videos
  • Use blending modes in video footage and still images
  • Apply rotoscoping to composite a video
  • Apply audio into After Effects projects
  • Manipulate effects preset
  • Use expression on Key-able attributes
  • Add slider control for expression
  • Do Motion Tracking
  • Change background from Green Screen video
  • Use Shapes, Text, Masks and Path Effects in creative way
  • Output rendered video at the right format

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Time : 9am - 5pm GMT+8
Venue : Leisure Commerce Square, PJ or Zoom Meeting
Course fee : RM2700 (RM2100 for Online Training)
Class Length : 3 Days
Software : Adobe After Effects