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Edit Video Like a Pro using Adobe Premiere Pro

This is a complete instructional programme for you to master Adobe® Premiere Pro® software and to provide you with the skills to create, edit and composite digital video with desired effects, for the purposes of presentation, broadcasting, instructional or visual messaging content.


Course Objectives:

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Create a project and setup sequence
  • Import assets and work with media browser
  • Use project panel and work with bin
  • Use Source Monitor, navigate in timeline
  • Set playback resolution, use markers, find gaps in timeline, select and move clips
  • Add video transitions, add audio transition
  • Animate position, scale, rotation and opacity of clip
  • Create multicamera sequence, switch multiple camera, finalize multicamera editing
  • Work with effects, animate effects, use effects preset
  • Explore color effects, fix exposure problem, fix color balance, create a look
  • Work with opacity and mask clips
  • Create titles, style text, work with shapes, make roll and crawl text, add captions
  • Output rendered video at the suitable format

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Time : 9am - 5pm GMT+8
Venue : Leisure Commerce Square, PJ or Zoom Meeting
Course fee : RM2400 (15% Discount for Online Training)
Class Length : 3 Days
Software : Adobe Premiere Pro