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Website Designing Using HTML and CSS

Learning HTML5 along with CSS3, the next level of web design used on all modern websites, you’ll have a recipe for success; and this course will show you how to:
• Build a complete functioning website
• Gain a solid knowledge of HMTL5 and CSS3
• Control your website’s appearance, functionality and navigability
• Discover how HTML5 and CSS3 can be used in other areas of the web
• Learn best practice techniques for building websites and web pages


Course Objectives:

You’ll be able to:

  • Create a fully functioning website
  • Design web page for mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers
  • Add text, images, and other elements to your pages
  • Embed or link to audio or video files
  • Recognize and write basic HTML for your pages
  • Create and use HTML tables
  • Use CSS to apply styles to your pages and site, and also to create interactive features
  • Add forms to your web pages for visitors to fill out
  • Publish your website to the web

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Time : 9am - 5pm GMT+8
Venue : Leisure Commerce Square, PJ or Zoom Meeting
Course fee : RM2400 (15% Discount for Online Training)
Class Length : 3 Days